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USI-Tech is a Dubai based company dealing with automated software trading platform that offers Forex and Bitcoin trading opportunities. With USI-Tech’s automated software, you can increase your income and take the right opportunity of investing in crypto-currencies.

Before March 2017, the company’s offered

Forex trading using their automated software for investors yearning for a passive income. Since then, the company has shifted their focus on crypto-currencies enabling their clients to automate the process of Bitcoin mining and trading online.

First of all, let us try to understand the benefits of digital currencies and their future implications.

Digital Currency And Its Future Implications

For a fast, reliable and easier online trading and transaction process, most of companies are now accepting digital currencies. It is a revolutionary process in online trading process without the involvement of third-party payment institutions. One of the most popular digital currencies used today is the bitcoin.

Digital Currency And Its Importance In Online Trading

Digital currencies like bitcoin offers a fast, reliable and un-matched user experience in the online trading platform. Bitcoin is the leading crypto-currency online and there has been a sudden increase in its value by over 100% in the last one year. It is still projected to cross 400% in the next few years. This is due to certain factors like the current situation in USA, Europe, and Brexit etc. People are now using digital currencies, as multi-national companies and countries are accepting Bitcoins.

The increased acceptance of this crypto-currency is due to its ever-growing customer base worldwide and limited number of Bitcoins in circulation, which is approximately around 16 million. Bitcoins can be purchased through online transactions from brokerage firms or through bitcoin exchange firms which are available online. And one such firm is USI –Tech, Dubai.

What USI-Tech Offers

USI-Tech is mining alt coins (Alternative crypto-currencies other than Bitcoins) as they re-iterates that alt coins are more profitable at the moment. We are of the assumption that they would convert alt coins to Bitcoins to be paid out to their investors holding their Bitcoin packages. The current target returns and entry price of the USI-Tech Bitcoin package are –

Package Price – 0.02229 BTC; Package Run Time – 140 working days (Mon-Fri); Return on Capital -40%; Daily Payout -1% (Mon-Fri)

Let us get into the detailed analysis of this using simple math and try to understand their offering from our investment point of view.

Detailed Analysis Of The BTC Package

The underlying idea of their Bitcoin package is that a client, who purchases a BTC package for a meager $60 over the next 140 working days, would earn a profit or an average return of 140% or simply put 1% daily. However, the capital investment is not returned after the 140 working days. The profit of the additional 40 % is only realized.

Also, the USI tech business package are purchased in BTC value, which means that the actual USD values and Bitcoin values changes over time. Finally, the 1% daily returns or 140% returns on an average are dynamic in nature, which means it can change with time and are just targets. The total contract period including weekend and holidays is roughly 175 or 177 days. So, in order to get a better glimpse of the entire investment period, we need to have a look at it from a different perspective altogether. Instead of yearning for what a single, one time investment of $60 package would fetch in return, we have to look at how much a single Bitcoin investment would fetch us in return.

As per the assumption that without a capital return, earning 1% daily for the 140 working days period means 1 Bitcoin would fetch 1.4 Bitcoin in return after the 140 days investment period. As returns are expected to be paid out approximately at 1% in 5 days, excluding weekends, 1 Bitcoin invested now may fetch 1.4 Bitcoins as returns after 140 working days. If we did not withdraw in this entire 140 days period, it would fetch 1.4 Bitcoins at the end of the contract period and you must have realized a return of 40% ROI in approximately 4 and half months. This is a smart way of investment where the ROI is shorter in duration. Most of the financial institutions would have failed to adhere to such a rich investment portfolio.

USI-Tech Conclusion

The average returns assured by USI-Tech are more than what other financial institutes have to offer and are impressive. As we have seen that as a trend setting method of investment, digital currencies are making a mark in the financial market nowadays, as investors are experiencing a daily payout package.

Given that risks are always associated with any form of investments, investors are free to choose from other alternative means of investment after seeking solace in digital currencies and can re-invest in other sectors, which itself is a personal obligation.